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From instructing educators, to teaching students on campus daily in an elective class, or creating an after school program teaching skills for mindful living, MYC will work with your administration to find a plan that is right for your campus. 

Mindful Youth Collaborative (MYC) trains students in mindfulness, offering skills of emotional intelligence, self-respect and respect for others, impulse control, attention and focus. MYC aims to give youth the experience of connection and awareness precisely in the complex adolescent developmental period.

By incorporating mindfulness onto your campus your students and faculty are creating a culture of kindness, expansive world view, increased curiosity, focus, and cognitive flexibility.

In MYC classes your students will be challenged to notice what’s happening inside of them and around them. They will be guided through dynamic practices that will cultivate emotional regulation, empathy, and communication skills. 

Inner Space is a community based program, held after school or on the weekend in partnership with community businesses.  Our team meets with youth and parents to support whats happening in life and gives mindful tools for skillful coping with friends, in relationships with parents and kids, and stress management.  Call or email us to inquire out about a program in your area. These groups are fee based and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Currently Inner Space is offered for teen girls every other Tuesday in Monrovia from 4:15-5:15.

Please email to have your student or child join.

Also Join us for a monthly Inner Space workshop at The Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles.

We create special workshops to coincide with theater, music, dance, and other specialized camps. Whether you are trying to fill a week or a day, these workshops can add mindfulness into your program and help students learn how to integrate mindful living with he activities they love.


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